FUTURE LEADERS in Digital Health and Precision Medicine



Since the completion of the Human Genome Project, technological progress has resulted in the ability to sequence human genes and genomes for very competitive prices. In parallel, the advancement of knowledge in other fields of biomedicine has given rise to multiple OMICS that provide data on the totality of different molecules in the organism – transcriptomics (RNA), proteomics (proteins), metabolomics (metabolites), microbiomics (microbial genomes), and others.


The combination of such data with data from environmental exposures (exposomics) and the expanding  and mind-blowing market of health wearable technology has the potential to transform the way our health and well-being is monitored and managed, empowering doctors, health providers, members of the industry, patients and consumers alike.


We are moving into a new era of comprehensive and integrated sociobiological individual health profiles, where health interventions become more accurate, timely and cost-effective, which takes us one step further to a revolution in healthcare – the birth of digital health and precision medicine.


In this new era, health and lifestyle are individually monitored and managed while prevention and treatment strategies are precisely tailored and provided to the right individual at the right time.


This new era is giving rise to exponentially-growing, dynamic and exciting new health markets, which combine the potential of the digital and genomic revolutions to unleash a stream of diverse and stimulating business opportunities for all different players in the health sector.

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