The Accelerator Program marries theory and practice in order to potentiate innovation to help participants accomplish the following goals:


* Understand the fundamental molecular basis of health and disease and recognize the growing influence of OMICS and wearable health technologies on healthcare by analyzing state-of-the-art trends and initiatives;


* Recognize the main issues that lie at the interface of science, technology, law and ethics in the context of digital health and precision medicine with a specific focus on current regulatory frameworks in Portugal, the European Union and the USA;


* Build and develop an entrepreneur toolkit for starting a business in the areas of digital health and precision medicine;


* Complete the ideation, prototyping and testing of new business ideas to be presented during the Course;


* Be ready to navigate the subsequent development stages of their business ideas toward future launch of their products in the marketplace.

© 2019 by Guilherme Victorino, João V. Cordeiro and Ricardo Baptista Leite.

NOVA University of Lisbon


National School of Public Health

Avenida Padre Cruz, 1600-560 Lisboa, Portugal

Information Management School

Campus de Campolide,1070-312 Lisboa, Portugal

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